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ZenFone 7 will be announced on August 26th Price will be around $500-650 with Flip Camera and SD865+


ASUS has announced that ZenFone 7 will be announced on August 26th. A teaser video is on the official ASUS account.

 The teaser video of the presentation was posted along with the comment "Get ready to defy ordinary." The word "defy ordinary" was once used when announcing the ZenFone 6, and it was considered that it was a "defying common sense" and meant a ZenFone 6 flip camera. Since the word is used again this time, the display that appears in the teaser image is full screen, and there are no notches such as notches and punch holes, it can be inferred that the flip camera is also adopted for ZenFone 7.


With regard to this ZenFone7, there is no leak of the actual image even now, just before the announcement. I am looking forward to the day of the announcement.