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How Play Android Games on PC Without Emulator - Best Android OS For PC annd Laptop

Hello everyone today I will tell you about the best mobile Android OS For PC and Laptop. On this OS you can Play Android Games and run Android Applications on PC desktop Without Emulator.  In this article, I will show you the Best Android OS apps For PC to play mobile android games like PUBG Mobile phones without lag.

Phoenix OS:

Phoenix desktop OS users can install in a dual-boot configuration file, but let's don’t recommend it because dual-booting can cause problems with other applications operating systems.

Not all systems are compatible with Phoenix OS. In many ways, it suffers greatly from the same limitations and shortcomings as other Linux: namely that it won’t work together with another module hardware. And even when it still does exist, it will occasionally provide additional features online, like streaming videos using an external HDMI connection.

Phoenix OS update adds significant improvements to Android, notably such as automatically preventing apps from running in the browser background. In addition to these modules, then the OS algebra module is regular updates. These geographic features have contributed to understanding its relatively rapid increase in popularity. A few China-only software companies will develop web servers internally using PCs and Phoenix OS server as its default primary operating system.

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Phoenix OS Hardware Requirements:

Phoenix OS desktop server requires an Intel or AMD x86 processor (Intel Atom recommended) and typically supports applications with at least 2GB of RAM memory space. I recommend at least 16GB free drives. In this order how to achieve Phoenix OS, if you will need purchasing a USB card reader with at least 8GB of memory storage. Requirements: Advertisement 2GB storage drive Intel or AMD processor shipped around 2012 or later 2015, preferably an Intel Atom processor An 8GB or a larger USB flash drive ( for Phoenix OS ) with A 512MB or larger USB flash drive cache ( optional for GParted ) A storage drive available in order to prepare larger USB flash drives.