Most Useful Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Most Useful Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Information Technology has become a part of every field. Mostly the richest persons in the world belong to the Information Technology field. Information Technology is still growing very rapidly and even our money will be also digital. In the near future, we will live in smart homes and use digital wallets instead of ATM cards, currency notes. 
But the passage of time the IT field will become more complex and the workers in this field have to learn the latest skills. 
I have graduated in Computer Science also but I have to update my skills according to market requirements. I am learning python language 

When it comes to selecting programming languages, we have a lot of options and confusion. Such as which programming languages should I learn that benefit me or what are the most useful programming languages? 
Friends, today I am going to talk about 4 such programming languages, which you can learn and you will be skilled in the IT market. 

Most useful programming languages:-


Python is the language of the future and artificial intelligence. Python is an open-source and most powerful language in the IT industry and becomes the fastest growing language in the IT industry. There is a lot of shortage of Python developers in the IT market. Python developers become the highest-paid developers in the IT market. 
Most universities and technical course centers are working to produce more and more python developers in the market. 
I am also a student of advance 1 year and 6-month govt sponsored diploma and this scheme has the name of PIAIC and my course name is Artificial intelligence where we have to learn python language. 


JavaScript is a scripting language. Java script is another most useful programming language in all fields of the IT industry. JavaScript has become an essential part of web development. JavaScript makes your website to another level. JavaScript is used on a very large scale in App development and web applications. JavaScript become a very developed language in these days and 

 There are to types of scripting languages.
1. Client-side scripting languages.
2. Server-side scripting languages.

What is the use of JavaScript? To provide a good appearance we use JavaScript. you have to apply some meaningful logic when you write code in JavaScript. Such as mathematical calculation, looping, etc. You can get output according to your logic that you have applied in your code of Javascript.

This language is easy to learn compared to other scripting languages.


PHP stands for the personal home page. Mostly used to develop web applications. It is a server-side scripting language. It means whatever code we write in PHP it will execute on the server-side. We use this to take the information about the database from the server.

There are many server-side scripting languages but most of the PHP is used. And for making dynamic web pages we use PHP.

Apart from these four programming languages, there are many more programming languages by which you can create a website. For example, python, go Ruby, etc. But you should start with these four programming languages. if will learn these four programming languages then you will become a web developer or a web designer. 

So friends in this article we learned what programming languages are best to learn and that will be most beneficial for you.

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