How to install Google Chrome Extensions in Android Devices

How to install Google Chrome Extensions in Android Devices

Google Chrome is the most famous browser and there are a lot of extensions that make it a more powerful browser according to your needs. 
Google Chrome Extensions are not officially available for Google Chrome browser which is available on Android but this is possible to install google chrome extensions on your Android device by using a simple trick. Today I will teach you how to install Google Chrome Extensions on Android devices. 

1st of all you need to install a browser because on Google Chrome browser this is not possible. 
Install KIWI Browser which is available on the Play Store. 

KIWI Browser will allow you to Install and manage Google Chrome Extensions.

Now, you can able to install extensions in this browser and by enabling 1 option you can get the full controls of the Installed extensions. 

Open the settings of the KIWI Browser.

Then go to the Accessibility.

Then enable the "Show extension first" option. 

Now you have the complete control of extensions. I have installed 3 extensions and these are showing on top. 

I have also recorded a video where I show the whole process in Urdu/Hindi language.

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