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5 Most Amazing and Useful Websites for all Internet Users in 2020


There are millions of amazing websites are on the internet. But some of these websites are very useful and very amazing. Some famous and most used websites are,, and these are also useful websites. But some websites also have some unique and useful features. Today I will tell you about 5 amazing and useful websites.

I am sure to say you that these 5 amazing websites you will like.

1. GOOGLE EARTH: is the most used website in the world and this is famous for its search engine but Google provides us many other useful features like Gmail, google earth, drive, etc. Google earth is one of the most amazing website in the world. They provide us the map and satellite view of the whole world and you can check any part of the world. 
On this website, you will see the roads and all town's information and every road and town are saved on this website and google earth also provide a street view of many locations. If you zoom the map you will see the more details and this is the URL of this website.


If you want to create professional logos or any other type of designing poster then you can easily create those designs on this website. 

There you can also make resumes, templates, visiting cards, invitation cards,  business cards and many more. The logo that you can see in my blog is also created with the help of this website and its amazing features. You can modify and changes your designs and logos as per your requirement and you can use it anywhere for free. You can also download the app of this website which is available on the Play Store and App Store.


This website is very funny or it can entertain you. The most amazing facts of this website that this website has one amazing picture or image. On this website, you can zoom to infinite time. Means if you see the image on this website and zoom it, and you will see the magic. once you visited this website.


The Pointer Pointer website is a very funny and amazing website and it can also entertain you. You must try this website once in your life. On this website, millions of pictures exist but you can not see all the pictures.
This means this is not magic but you will see a finger showing the place where you have touched it. You can touch any point on the black screen and again finger showing the place where you have touched it.
If you are a school or college student, this website is very useful for you. If you can't write an easy in English on any topic, don't worry the solution is here. On this website, you can write essays, paragraphs, articles, etc.