How to Record Calls automatically by using Truecaller

How to Record Calls automatically by using Truecaller

Truecaller is a free application for Android and iOS that provides you many unique features that no any other App can provide you. Truecaller have a very big database that has the detail of billions of contacts. 
When someone calls you from any unknown number most of the time you will get the name of that person on your screen. 
Truecaller provides you much more useful features one of those is search number. You can come to know the name of the user of any phone number by searching it.
Truecaller also allows you to create a profile and you can add all the necessary information that you want to show to others while calling. You can add a profile picture and that picture will show to the screen of the other people during calls. 
Now we will guide you on how you can enable call recording feature in truecaller. 
We will guide you step by step. 

First of all, you need to install the Truecaller app if you have not installed it. 
If you are already using truecaller then you need to open your Truecaller app on your smartphone. Once the Truecaller is open then simply click on the navbar sign at the top left corner.
Now go to the options and simply click on the settings and there will be a “Call recording” option at the right bottom. Just click on that.
You can see that this feature is paid but this will be available free for 14 days on a trial basis. You can use it at this time and if you will find it useful then you can purchase these services. You will also need to give permissions of storage to run this feature.
Once you enable that you can see the two choices that are to record the call automatically or manually. That is totally up to you. 
Now the call recording feature is activated on your smartphone and when you connect to the call the recording will start automatically if you have chosen 1 option otherwise popup will appear to start the recording.

Recorded calls will go to the truecaller app under the same call recording section that you can save or listen to anytime.

That’s it. You have enabled the call recording feature by using the Truecaller application. 
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