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Apple MacBook SE Price, Features and Specs

Apple is going to launch its new low-cost MacBook which is MacBook SE. The new MacBook SE will give a very tough time to Chromebook and Microsoft Surface pro and go. 
Everyone knows that Apple is a more trusted brand than any other brand. Mac OS is a very developed and highly reliable operating system. Mac OS provides very good security to users. There are also a large number of Apple fans that want only Apple devices and many international organizations like Apple due to their reliability and trust. 
Some people think that Apple MacBook SE will eliminate many other devices from the current market.
Apple recently launches a new iPhone SE which is a lightweight low cost and small. 

There are many people who love Apple devices but can't afford their expensive devices and now Apple is going to solve this problem. 
Apple is also a status symbol many people purchase or gift Apple devices to their family and friends the Apple devices. In this price range if Apple launches more devices then apple will catch a large number of users who use mid-range devices.